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CDs & IRAs

Account Balance and Fee Information Account Highlights
Certificates of Deposit
  • Wide range of terms available
  • Interest accrues daily and is paid monthly
  • Automatic renewal available
  • Can be used as collateral on a loan
  • Step-Up CDs allow you to increase your rate once during the term of your CD


  • Enjoy fixed rates and flexible terms


Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Semi-annual statement
  • Interest earned is tax-deferred
  • May be tax deductible
  • Fixed and variable rate plans available
  • Contributions can be made throughout the year or up to April 15 for the previous year
  • Withdrawals can be made at 59½ with no penalty
  • Funds may be available in case of hardship or disability
  • Automatic transfers may be made from a checking account


Due to the nature of IRAs, we recommend you consult a tax professional for details concerning contributions, distributions, tax advantages, and tax laws.

  • Save for the future and defer taxes on your earnings


This information is for marketing purposes and is not designed as a substitute for full account disclosure as defined by the Truth in Savings Act. If you are interested in obtaining full disclosure of any product described on this website, please contact a customer service representative.

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