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Home Loans

For sound advice on buying or building a home, visit our experienced team of mortgage lenders to guide you through the process. We provide first-rate, hometown service with a variety of rate, term, and cost options.

Mortgage Lenders

Craig Benson 
 Sequoyah Co.

 Craig Benson
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Jimsie Looper 
 Sebastian Co.

 Jimsie Looper
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Karen Davis 

 Karen Davis
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 Fort Gibson
 Debbie Cooper

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Kathy Flusche

 Muskogee/ Tulsa Co.
 Kathy Flusche
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Laura Smallen Tulsa Area
 Laura Smallen
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Teri Edge   Muskogee Co.
  Teri Edge
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  No Preference
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Complete our online mortgage loan application for the quickest turn-around: Click Here to Apply

For information about the home-buying process or to check the status of you loan: Click Here for Info.


SAFE Act Information
The Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Mortgage Licensing Act is designed to protect consumers and reduce fraud by setting minimum standards for mortgage loan originator licensing and registration. Bank employees who are registered as mortgage loan originators are listed below. For more information about mortgage loan originators who are either registered or licensed, please visit the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System.

Company Originator ID #458906

Craig Benson-1735605
D. Gregg Bigham-471692
Debbie Cooper-415851
Jennifer Cotner-474552
Karen Davis-704002
Teri Edge-219499
Kathy Flusche-219324
Eric Gentry-801524
Robert Headley-1666779
Matt Hendrix-1881330
Jason L. Hiner-1809765
Dana Huggins-1193161
Amy Johnson-472544
Jared Johnson-1086201
Mike Jones-730343
Eric Karr-472545
Russell Tyler Knoke-1861968
Melanie Lawson-1193209
Jimsie Looper-997043
Peter McAdams-1287642
Randy Menie-472605
Brenda Morgan-472606
Drew Person-1923320
Lindsey Peterson-1212592
Omar Portillo-1810367
Nick Presson-556270
Christopher Rector-677650
Andrew Steven Reid-2004486
M David Richards-472548
Jacqueline Shamblin-472549
Corey Sisson-799325
Laura Smallen-740063
Lance E. Smith-472551
Russell Story-570207
Nathan Teague-477192
Maranda Williams-1957805
Ryan Yates-1058119
Jacinta Yoakum-1585682

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